Curling is a very popular Canadian winter sport that is available for competitive or recreational participation for all ages

Curling for participants who are blind or partially sighted is the same game but with a small number of adaptations that enable safe and competitive play. The primary adaptation is that each team has a sighted guide to assist with the stone delivery and sweeping by the players. The guide first describes the location of the rocks in the house and the type of shot that the skip has requested e.g. guard, draw or takeout. The guide then assists each player in delivering his/her rock along the line that is necessary to make the shot. Depending on the degree of visual impairment of the player, the guide may hold the broom at a short distance in front of the player, set a flashlight on the line of delivery or communicate with the player to ensure that he/she is lined up correctly in the hack.

Each year local teams of four may compete in a Provincial, Western or Canadian Blind Curling competitions.

Blind or visually impaired people of all ages and experience are welcome to participate. Please contact BC Blind Sports for information on how to connect with your local club or group.