Skiing is a winter sports activity that is accessible to participants who are blind or partially sighted, with adaptations that make it a safe activity.

Alpine skiing (Downhill) has both recreational and competitive pathways for all ages to follow.

Nordic (cross-country) has similar pathways. Specific requirements for the competitive pathways are available at BC Adaptive Snow Sports provincially

Both types of snow skiing have Paralympic, Regional and World championship opportunities. Information on specific requirements are available at for Alpine Style skiing and at for Nordic style

Para-Nordic skiing’s cousin Biathlon is also a Paralympic sport that includes the blind and partially sighted. Information on this can be found at

The primary adaptation is the use of sighted guides and communication devices such as headsets.

BC Blind Sports has information, resources for guiding, and other supports necessary for participating in ski activities through collaboration with the relevant organizations. Please call us at 604 325-8638 for additional information.