Numerous BC athletes have received awards for their accomplishments, and volunteers with BC Blind Sports have been recognized for their outstanding work with athletes who are blind or visually impaired.

Provincial Awards

Sport BC President’s Awards

Founded in 1994, Sport BC’s Annual Presidents’ Awards promote and celebrate the spirit of volunteerism by giving member organizations an opportunity to acknowledge and thank an individual who has demonstrated outstanding dedication and commitment to their sport.

BC Blind Sports President’s Award Recipients

2020 Harvey Doucet and Majorie (Maggie) Livingstone
2019 Elaine Todd
2018 Bill Mah
2017 Tamara Grenon
2016 Michael Mizera
2015 Larry Walsh
2014 Gary Steeves
2013 Tom Ollis
2012 Cheri Lu
2011 George Vernon
2010 Dianna Johnston
2009 BC Vision Teachers Association – Daphne Hitchcock
2008 Doug Stoutley
2007 Al and Vi Hanet
2006 Frank Reynolds
2005 Don Steen
2004 Gary Steeves
2003 Dr. Gordon Douglas
2002 Gerry York
2001 Donn Sherry
2000 Paul Hoeberigs
1999 Shelley Morten
1998 Bob Smith
1997 Patrick York
1996 Don Steen
1995 Patrick Colbert
1994 Stan Klubi

Sport BC Awards

BC Disabled Athlete of the Year (winners from BCBSRA)

2010 Donovan Tildesley, Swimming
2004 Donovan Tildesley, Swimming, Blind Sports
2003 Brian Hill, Swimming, Blind Sports
2000 Pier Morten, Judo, Blind Sports
1995 Courtney Knight – Athletics, BC Blind Sports
1994 Walter Wu – Swimming, Blind Sports
1992 Ljiliana Ljubisic – Athletics, BC Blind Sports
1990 Mike Edgson – Swimming, Blind Sports
1988 Mike Edgson – Swimming, Blind Sports
1987 Pier Morten – Wrestling, Judo, BC Blind Sports
1984 Mike Edgson – Swimming, Blind Sports
1983 Yvette Michel – Swimming, Blind Sports

Harry Jerome Comeback Award

2005 – Walter Wu

Premier’s Athletic Awards

The annual Premier’s Athletic Awards recognize top female and male athletes in each of the sports and post-secondary institutions participating in the 2006/07 BC Athlete Assistance Program. These awards honour athletes who, through their commitment to hard work and excellence, have left their mark on sport in BC.
Recipients are nominated by their respective provincial sport organization or post-secondary institution.

2008 – Doug Ripley and Shawn Marsolais
2007 – Shawn Marsolais and Brian Cowie
2006 – Courtney Knight and Dustin Walsh
2005 – Dustin Walsh

Other Provincial Awards and Recognition

Nanaimo Sports Hall of Fame

2009 – Michael Edgson

BC Sports Hall of Fame

2003 – Don Steen, Builder Category
2012 – Michael Edgson, Athlete Category

Burnaby Sports Hall of Fame

2014 – Brian Cowie, Tandem Cycling
2011 – Jason Delesalle, Athletics
2006 – Mike Lonergan
2005 – Courtney Knight
2001 – Don Steen

City of Vancouver’s Access & Inclusion Award

2011  – Bruce Gilmour