Judo is a sport that individuals who are blind or partially sighted take part in worldwide. There is a pathway for high performance competition including National, Regional and World Championships. Judo is a part of the Summer Paralympic program as well.

Judo’s modifications to include athletes who are blind are very few. The primary adaptation is that the referee ensures that there is contact between the judokas at all times.

Judo is one of the few competitive sports that the athlete who is visually impaired can participate in fully without major accommodations. World Level competition for male blind athletes has been available since the mid-1980 period when the International Blind Sports Association accepted Judo as a Paralympic sport. For women this began in 1995.

Judo is an excellent recreational activity for all ages as well. A number of Judo clubs include the blind and partially sighted in their programs. BC Blind Sports is able to assist in helping individuals with their involvement with Judo. BC Blind Sports has had a number of world ranked athletes compete in at the World Championships and Paralympics

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