Showdown is a table game originally developed in BC (by two members of BC Blind Sports and Recreation) with some similarities to table tennis and air hockey. It has an extensive international event schedule in Europe.

Showdown does not have playing lines of courts marked on the table. There are “Goals” or pockets below the table surface at each end. Knocking the ball in to an opposing “pocket” scores points.

The only equipment needed is the specially designed table, two paddles shaped like miniature cricket bats, a plastic ball (with a noisemaker inside), and protective gloves (to help protect players’ hands) and opaque eyeshades. The object of the game is to direct the ball into your opponents goal by hitting it under the center screen. The opponent tries to prevent this from happening, while in turn, attempting to score a goal.

Showdown is an excellent game for sighted and partially sighted to play together in a competitive situation or on a recreational basis.

For further information on rules and available international competitions, please see the International Blind Sports Federation at

If you are interested in learning more about Showdown contact BC Blind Sports at (604) 325-8638

Showdown player striking ball