Goalball, developed in 1946, is a unique indoor court game played around the world by athletes who are blind or partially sighted. Teams of three try to score goals using a ball similar to a basketball with a bell inside. Players attempt to roll or throw the ball across a goal line into a large goal. The opposing team tries to block it using their arms, legs and bodies.

Goalball is one of two team sports that is played by blind or partially sighted players at the International level including the Paralympic Games.

All ages, genders and levels of vision can play Goalball with the sport adaptations that the game uses. All players wear opaque eyeshades that limit any use of vision during play.

BC has had great success for at the national level at both the senior and junior levels, with a season that runs from September to May.

The rules and information on goalball are available at

BC Blind Sports and Canadian Blind Sport have modified rules and information on how to play the game. If you are interested in learning more about Goalball, contact BC Blind Sports at 604-325-8638