Athletics (also known as Track and Field) is a sport that is very accommodating for athletes who are partially sighted or blind.

There are many opportunities for training and competition development available for all ages and levels of vision.

Athletes who are blind or partially sighted, will be classified for competition according to the degree of vision they have as they move into higher levels of national and international participation

Running events from 100m up to the marathon are part of the competitive pathway that can lead to the highest levels including World Championships and the Paralympic Games. Field events including shot put, discus, javelin, high jump, long jump and the multi-event pentathlon are also part of the competition pathway.

Adaptations for the sport include having a guide runner for those with the least amount of vision and providing identified take off zones for the long jump.

Please call the BC Blind Sports office at 325-8638 for further information and the contacts for a local club to see if they already have a coach and program that meets your needs.

The National Sport governing body for the sport is Athletics Canada

Blind runner and guide at start of sprint race

Discus thrower after releasing discus