BC Blind Sports offers opportunities for members to participate in community activities, recreation programs and competitive sport programs.

Our programs are designed to encourage recreation and sport to individuals of all ages and levels. We will assist parents in getting started with their children into community, club and school programs.

BCBSRA offers many sports programs directly and works with provincial sport organizations to deliver programs, coaching, training and competitive opportunities for persons who are blind or partially sighted.

Please call the British Columbia Blind Sports and Recreation Association office at 325-8638 for further information or contact your local club to see if they already have a coach and program that meets your needs.

Volunteer Sighted Guides

Many athletes may need a sighted guide in order to participate. The sighted guide will ensure the athlete is able to participate in the sport by assisting with the required visual information. This may range from the Lawn Bowls Director providing information on the location of the jack and other balls on the green, to a Guide Runner directing a runner around the track. BCBSRA helps train guides. For information about how to become a sighted guide, please contact us.

Sight Classification

All athletes who compete at the Provincial, National and International will be classified to ensure fair competition for all.
B1 No light perception in neither eye up to light perception but inability to recognize the shape of a hand at any distance or in any direction
B2 From ability to recognize the shape of a hand up to visual acuity of 2/60 and/or visual field of less than 5 degrees
B3 From visual acuity above 2/60 up to visual acuity of 6/60 and/or a visual field of more than 5 degrees and less than 20 degrees.


Athletics (track and field) *
Dragon Boat
Goalball *
Judo *
Lawn Bowls
Skiing *
Swimming *
Tandem Cycling *

* indicates a Paralympic sport