Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat racing is a recreational and competitive water sport activity available to all ages and genders. It is accessible to participants who are partially sighted or blind, and a sport in which they can participate and compete on the same level as their sighted peers, without any major adaptation. The sport provides opportunity for recreation, exercise and socialization. Dragon boating is also one of the fastest growing water sports in the world. A great team event where little or no experience is necessary to participate at a variety of recreational or competitive levels.

Five BC Blind Sports crews typically practice from February to late September for races in Vancouver, Victoria, and Kelowna.

Please call the BC Blind Sports office at 604-325-8638 for further information about dragon boating in your area.

“Imagine if you will…a 45 foot canoe, flying down a 500 meter race course, with twenty paddlers stroking in unison to the beat of a drum, hearts pounding, muscles straining, adrenalin pumping…this is dragon boating at its best!