Notice of 2023 BCBSRA AGM

Dear BCBSRA Members:

Attached please find the following:

1. Notice of the AGM December 12, 2023. This included notice of the AGM, RSVP instructions, a special resolution on bylaw changes, instructions on voting, and a voting form for members not attending the meeting and who wish to vote on the special resolution. Download the Notice

2. BCBSRA Amended Bylaws Summary of Material Changes – This document summarizes the material changes proposed to the bylaws. Download the Amended Bylaws Summary of Material Changes

3. BCBSRA Amended Bylaws – This document includes the proposed amended bylaws to be approved by the members at the AGM.  Download the Proposed Amended Bylaws

4. Nominating Committee Report – This is the report of the 2023 Nominating Committee. Download the Report

Should you have any questions, or have any accessibility issues with the attached documents, please contact Jane D Blaine, Executive Director

We look forward to your participation in the 2023 AGM. Thank you!

BC Blind Sports November 2023 Newsletter

1. BC Blind Sports New Walking Program
2. Volunteer Call Out – Gift Wrapping Services Tsawwassen Mills Mall
3. 2023 Parapan Am Games
     Interview with BC blind judoka, Christina Mowatt
4. In-Person Program Updates
5. Online Program Updates
6. Dragon Boat Season Wrap-Up
7. Hockey
8. Remembrance Day
9. Contact Us

1. BC Blind Sports New Walking Program

Are you interested in getting outside, getting your steps in, and getting to make new connections? We have recently started a walking club that is open to all members! The walking club meets every Monday at 10:30am in South Burnaby (exact location will be provided upon registration).
We are also looking for volunteers to be walking guides for our participants. Duties will include, but not be limited to:
– Meeting participants inside of the sky train station
– Guiding participants with appropriate technique learned through sport guide training
– Listening to the participants needs
Volunteers will need to:
– Complete the sport guide training
– Be capable of walking continuously for an hour
– Be committed to having a good, positive attitude, and an understanding that they are there to be of assistance to the participants
– Become a member of BC Blind Sports, if they are not already
– Go through the screening process, which would include a vulnerable sector criminal record check
If you would like more information about this program or would like to start your own walking group in your area, please contact Lachlan at or call us at 604-325-8638 or toll free at 1-877-604-8638.

2. Volunteer Call Out – Gift Wrapping Services Tsawwassen Mills Mall

BC Blind Sports is looking for enthusiastic volunteers that like wrapping presents or organizing things. We once again have the opportunity to raise funds for our programs and would like to have you join us to help operate the booth at Tsawwassen Mills Mall.
Dates: November 24th to December 24th, 2023
Where: Tsawwassen Mills Mall at 5000 Canoe Pass Way, Tsawwassen
Volunteers will be responsible for customer service, wrapping presents, keeping track of the number of presents wrapped and taking in donations. We need 2 to 3 volunteers for each shift. The shifts will be 4 hours each, please see below for shift times.
Mondays to Saturdays:
9:00 am to 1:00 pm
1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
5:00 pm to 9:00 pm
11:00 am to 3:00 pm
3:00 pm to 7:00 pm
If you, someone you know, or if you have a group of people who would be interested, please contact Tami by email at or by phone at 604-321-1638. We will then provide you with additional information on training sessions and shifts.

3. 2023 Parapan Am Games

The Santiago 2023 Parapan Am Games will take place November 17-26, 2023 in Santiago, Chile. Canada is expecting to send a team of approximately 140 athletes.


BC Blind Sports is sending our congratulations and best wishes to Doug Ripley, Maryam Salehizadeh, and Ahmad Zeividavi of Vancouver, BC and the entire Canadian Goalball team who are headed to the 2023 Parapan Am Games with the Canadian Goalball team in Santiago, Chile this month!
A sport for the blind that has no able body equivalent, goalball was created after the second World War to help rehabilitate injured war veterans.
The sport combines the team aspects and formations of volleyball, the potential physical contact of boxing, high-speed back-and-forth action of tennis, and the high-speed reactions of a hockey goalie.
The objective is to throw the ball on the ground and across the court, as hard and as fast as you can to get past the three defenders using their hearing to locate and track the ball, and their bodies laying down on the ground to stop the ball from going into the net. Because all of the players are blindfolded, everyone’s level of vision is equal.
If you’re looking for a sport that you can call your own, wanting to try something new, or just looking to join a new community, check out goalball! All ages, genders, and skill levels are welcome. Please contact Susan at or call 1-877-604-8638 to find out how you can register.


Ontario’s Justin Karn and BC’s Christina Mowatt are set to compete at the 2023 Parapan Am Games in Para judo.
Mowatt will be competing at her first major multi-sport Games. Ranked world No. 17 in her category and No. 5 in the Americas, she was fifth at the 2022 World Championships. Both Karn and Mowatt recently participated in the 2023 World Championships, held during the IBSA World Games in Birmingham, Great Britain.
If you are interested in learning more about Blind judo, contact Susan at the Blind Sports office

Interview with BC blind judoka, Christina Mowatt

Christina Mowatt breathes hard as she leaves the gym after an intense training session at the Burnaby Police Judo Club. She improves her speed and balance with her coach, Chin-I Hsiang, ahead of the International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA)’s Judo World Championships in Birmingham, UK.
Judo, meaning “the gentle way” in Japanese, is a combat sport where a
combatant—called a Judoka—throws the opponent onto the mat. The goal of a judo fight is to have the opponent’s back and both shoulders on the mat. Judokas also score points by having the opponent’s one shoulder touching the mat, hold-downs, and submissions such as armbars and strangulations. Judo is unlike other common combat sports like Karate,
Taekwondo, or boxing, where combatants attack each other with punches and kicks.
Para (or blind) Judo is accessible for the partially sighted or blind with few adaptations from regular judo. “Opponents start at the center with constant contact, gripping onto the sleeve and lapel of the uniform, called a judogi. Their arms are always touching, with one’s left arm touching the other’s right arm or vice versa, depending on if the combatants are right or left-handed,” Mowatt describes para judo’s modifications and match procedure.
“IF contact is broken, the clock is stopped, and the referee repositions the combatants back at center. The referee will warn you when you’re getting close to the boundary of the mat.”
Since December 2021, the IBSA classifies the combatants based on their vision level into J1 (totally blind to having some light perception) and J2 (can see hand movements to having up to five percent functional vision) to ensure competitive fairness. Before the change, para judokas who were classified from B1 to B3 would compete together, regardless of their vision level, which many people believed caused unfairness. Some Judokas who belonged in the top part of the B3 class are now deemed to have enough vision to compete in able-bodied judo.
Mowatt is a J1 blind judoka from Burnaby, BC who has been practising judo for six years. She is a brown-belt—the highest of the six student (“kyu”) ranks. The other belt ranks from lowest to highest are white, yellow, orange, green, and blue, with mixed-colour belts in between each rank.
Born in Vancouver, Mowatt has been blind from retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) since birth. She met Priscilla Gagné and competed together at a wrestling event while attending W. Ross Macdonald Residential School for the Blind in Brantford, Ont.
Mowatt’s desire to pursue judo surfaced after reconnecting with Gagné ten years later and realized that Gagné has been competing internationally and was on Canada’s Paralympic team for ten years.
Mowatt began practising judo at age 28. She joined the Burnaby Judo Club at the Bonsor Community Center. “It was pretty daunting,” she recalls. “When I first got there. I was like, ‘What am I getting myself into?’ And then I kept it up for a few months, and everyone at the club went above and beyond for me and was really supportive.”
She began competing after meeting Judo Canada Paralympic coach, Andrzej Sadej. She debuted internationally at the IBSA Pan Am Championships in Montreal in 2020 where she won bronze.
“I wasn’t expecting that at all because I was a green belt at the time and I had only been involved with judo for a year and a half,” Mowatt remembers her surprise in winning bronze. “I was the underdog, but I won against the world’s third-ranked judoka in five seconds. That was pretty cool. I never felt that elated before!”
Mowatt was joyful to inspire upwards of 60 women aged 16 and up at Judo BC’s “The Gentle Way to Empowerment” self-defence workshop for women in June 2023.
“It was good to see the women there,” she says. She was demonstrating judo throws among the Canadian Olympian and Paralympian judokas, as well as law enforcement officials. “They were pretty inspired. Many came and talked to me.”
Mowatt encourages blind or partially sighted individuals who wants to join judo to give it a try. Mowatt adds the Canadian national team welcomes more blind judokas to join its current three members in the Paralympic program.
Mowatt, who embraces the pressure and performs well under the spotlight, will fight in the Parapan American Games in Santiago, Chile in November after the World Championships. She will also fight in Grand Prix stops in Japan and Germany in the winter. While Gagné, the reigning Paralympics silver medalist, has qualified for the 2024 Summer Paralympics, Mowatt sets her sights on qualifying for Los Angeles 2028.
If you are interested in learning more about Blind judo, contact Susan at the Blind Sports office

4. In-Person Program Updates

If you are interested in joining any of the in-person fitness classes, please email or call the office at 1-877-604-8638.
Kelowna – In-person Fitness Classes
Classes are held on Thursdays from 5:30pm to 6:30pm
• December schedule: December 7th and 21st.  The facility is unavailable on Dec 14th. Classes will resume after the holidays on January 11th
Nanaimo – In-person Fitness Classes
Classes are held on Mondays from 2pm to 3pm
• Schedule: November 13th and 20th. There will be no classes after the 20th until January 8th

5. Online Program Updates

Chair Yoga with Candice – Sundays at 6pm
Dragon Boat Fitness with Cindy – Mondays at 7pm
Fitness with Brian – Thursdays 7pm
Programs will be on break during the holiday season:
• Chair Yoga with Candice: Last class December 17th and restart will be January 7th
• Dragon Boat Fitness: Last class December 18th and restart will be January 8th
• Fitness with Brian: Last class December 21st and restart will be January 11th
Please note that the Wednesday 2pm Fitness with Brian class and the Thursday 12pm Chair Yoga with Candice class have been canceled due to low participation.
The next online meeting for our BC Active Living Network meeting will be on Tuesday, November 21st at 7pm.

6. Dragon Boat Season Wrap-Up

BC Blind Sports has four Dragon Boat teams around the province. The teams are made up of seven to thirteen blind or partially sighted paddlers and the balance is sighted paddlers.
BC Blind Sports had four teams:
Vancouver- Dragons Insight,
Vancouver – Vision Impossible,
Kelowna – Sonar Dragons,
Fort Langley – Ex-Sighted
In late June, Vision Impossible and Dragons Insight were combined into one team for purposes of competition.
Oddball Workshop, who are the official team outfitter for Dragon Boat BC, awarded BC Blind Sports with their Oddball Community Grant. The funding from Oddball was used to cover the costs of registration fees for the festivals.  This was a huge benefit and our teams were able to participate in more events than usual.
Vision Impossible was able to participate in four events and the Sonar Dragons participated in Concord and Penticton. Because of the funding for event entry, the Sonar Dragons were able to come from Kelowna to Vancouver to participate in Concord.
We were able to build capacity in the blind sport and broader dragon boating community.  We had new paddlers and were able to increase awareness of our teams and paddlers who are blind and created interest for next season.
Due to the rising costs and limited other funds this grant from Oddball was extremely helpful in allowing our teams to participate in more events. Without it, we would only have enough funding for one event per team and little funding for travel to competitions.
Thank you to Oddball Workshop and all of our volunteers for helping to make this season of dragon boating a success.

7. Hockey

The 2023-2024 Blind Ice Hockey season is well underway. The program has two ice times: Sunday mornings in Surrey and every second Friday in New Westminster.
If you have been wanting to play hockey but thought it wasn’t possible for someone who is blind, partially sighted, or deafblind, your opportunity awaits. The parasport of blind hockey has a few adaptations – such as a larger, slower puck that makes noise and a slightly smaller net – but generally, it’s the same as sighted hockey.
To join, the participants need to:
– Be a member in good standing with BC Blind Sports
– Be able to skate at a beginner level without any aids for support
If you are interested in participating, and to check for ice times and locations please email Susan at BC Blind Sports at
We are also looking for a volunteer to run the time clock at either of the ice times and a second person to assist with refereeing. If you are interested or have any questions, please reach out to Susan at BC Blind Sports
Also, stay tuned for an upcoming announcement of a new youth hockey program put on by Canadian Blind Hockey starting early in the new year!

8. Remembrance Day

On November 11th, Remembrance Day, we solemnly recognize and honor the service and sacrifices of our nation’s veterans. We extend our deepest gratitude to our veterans, their families, and loved ones. We unite to remember and pay our respects. We honour the memory of those no longer with us and strive to build a future founded on peace and inclusivity.

9. Contact Us

For information on any of our programs and activities, please email or or call the office at 604-325-8638 or 1-877-604-8638. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
We wish you warmth and joy this holiday season!
BC Blind Sports Staff: Jane, David, Lachlan, Linda, and Susan

2023 Canadian Blind Hockey Children and Youth Multi-Sport Camp

Canadian Blind Hockey is hosting a 2023 Children and Youth Multi-Sport Camp in Mississauga, ON from August 16 – 20. We expect to have 15 – 20 participants aged 6 – 17 come together from across Canada to participate in Blind Hockey and a variety of Para sport activities such as Goalball, Five-a-Side Soccer, Beep Baseball / Beep Kickball, Tandem Cycling, Rowing, Athletics, Swimming, Judo, Golf, Equestrian etc.

This camp is designed as an introduction to Blind Hockey and Blind Sports, and no previous hockey experience is required. Participants will have more fun during the on-ice portion if they possess basic skating ability, but it is not mandatory. For any participants who do not have their own hockey equipment, gear will be provided.

Thanks to a grant from the Government of Canada – Sport Canada, we are pleased to be able to offer the Children and Youth Multi-Sport Camp at no registration cost to the participants – this year’s camp is 100% free to attend! Download the information package .doc, to register simply fill out this google form.

If you have any questions about the camp that are not answered in the information package please reach out to me via email. We hope to welcome you to camp in Mississauga in two weeks!


Matt Morrow
Executive Director
Canadian Blind Hockey

Insight Summer Newsletter 2023

BC Blind Sports July 2023 Newsletter


1. 2023 Canadian Para-Bowls Championships, Calgary Alberta, July 24-30, 2023.
2. Blind Tennis.
3. BC Blind Sports Athlete Makes the National Team Headed to the World Dragon Boat Racing Championship.
4. In-Person Program Updates.
5. Online Program Updates.
6. 2023 Bell Canadian Track and Field Championships July 27-30.
7. Fall Blind Ice Hockey Season.
8. Celebrating Disability Pride Month.
9. Contact Us.

1. 2023 Canadian Para-Bowls Championships, Calgary Alberta, July 24-30, 2023

The 2023 Canadian Para-Bowls Championships will take place at the Stanley Park Lawn Bowling Club in Calgary Alberta from July 24th to 30th. BC Blind Sports is represented by 3 bowlers and 3 directors from Nanaimo BC. Good Bowling to Randy Fred with Director Adrian Hewitt, David Ruckman with Director Donn Sherry, and Jay Gatley with Director Roelie Roos! The bowlers will be supported by sport guides (Directors) Donn Sherry, Roelie Roos, and Adrian Hewitt.

2. Blind Tennis

The blind tennis program takes place at the Coquitlam Poirier Community Centre! If you would like to participate, please register as soon as possible by contacting or phoning the office.

Background and History

A blind and low vision tennis ball is larger and contains bearings that make a sound as it moves or bounces. Athletes use shorter racquets and often play on smaller indoor court than is typical in traditional tennis.

Tennis adapted for the visually impaired was introduced to Canadians in 2011 by Alan Ma, through the Blind Tennis Program in Toronto. Alan launched the program after being inspired by blind tennis programs in the United Kingdom and in Japan, where the sport originated from.

Check out this video, AMI: Accessible Media Inc. – Blind Tennis, featuring BC Blind Sports, to learn more about blind tennis.

3. BC Blind Sports Athlete Makes the National Team Headed to the World Dragon Boat Racing Championship

Congratulations to Rebecca Armstrong for making the National Dragon Boat Team! Check out Becky’s letter below, describing her experiences with getting on the team and their journey to the championship in Thailand:

October 2022 – Introduction Training Camp & Testing
Paddlers had a choice of attending camp in Burnaby, BC or Welland, ON. At the camp every paddler was tested on both the P-erg (Paddling Ergonomic) machine and the dragon boat. P-erg is a rowing machine designed specifically for dragon boating. The paddler sits in a raised seat with their feet braced in front, like they are sitting in a dragon boat. The cables are attached to weights to mimic the pull of the water and are adjusted based on the gender of the paddler. The P-erg measures times, stroke rate and distance. The testing started with a two-minute “paddle”, followed by an hour rest, and then another four-minute paddle. A couple of hours later, we hit the water for a 90-minute session. This session was led by the National Para Dragon coach, Katy Milne. Katy had the team doing timing drills and a lot of technique training. The on-water sessions were recorded in order for the coach to evaluate our paddling and give us feedback.

After the National coach sent me my video reviews, I was able to go over them with the VI coach, Pam W., to get a better understanding of what was being asked for. This was incredibly helpful.

December 2022 – Strength Testing
In December, we had a second round of the two- and four-minute P-erg, bench press, and lat pull-down tests. The bench press and pull-down were to be done using half of our body weight. Dragon Boat Canada (DBC) arranged the P-erg testing as there are no public P-ergs in Vancouver, so this was done at a set time and place, but the coach was not in attendance. We were required to record 10 second clips of each P-erg test and the results, and record the full bench press and pull-down tests, with the recordings then sent to the coach.

April 2023 – Strength Testing
This was the same as the October testing and was used by the coach to evaluate the work we did over the winter and our progress.

May 2023 – Selection Camp
In May, we had a two-day, in person camp in Montreal. Day 1 we had two boat sessions, followed by video feedback. We were supposed to do P-erg testing again, but the machines were not available. Day 2 we did three boat sessions. Each session was very technical, working on timing and stroke technique. The sessions were recorded for video review and feedback.

After the Montreal camp, the coach contacted each of us to let us know if we made the team. Overall, there were 20 Para Paddlers and 40 non-Para paddlers in competition for the team. Thirteen paddlers from each category made the final team. Individuals were not required to say what qualified them to be a Para Paddler, and most of us did not have visible disabilities. To the best of my knowledge, three of the Para Paddlers have vision loss, one has auditory issues, and the rest I do not know.

There is a big financial component involved in the process. Paddlers have to pay DBC in order to attend the training camps and then pay for the flights to Thailand, hotel, and Team Canada uniforms. The fees for the camps allow DBC to cover the costs incurred by the coaches and managers.

“Overall, it has been an incredible experience so far. I’ve met some exceptional folks and everybody has done their best to be as inclusive as possible. One non-para paddler went to his work place between Day 1 and 2 in order to grab some high-vis tape to put on his paddle so I could see it better while paddling.”

We will be cheering for you, Becky, and the whole Dragon Boat Team representing Canada! Stay tuned to BC Blind Sports social media channels for updates.

4. In-Person Program Updates

Kelowna – In-person Fitness Classes
The Kelowna in-person fitness classes have a new location! If you or someone you know in the Kelowna area is interested in trying the classes, email or call the office at 1-877-604-8638. The classes are held on Thursdays at 5:15 PM.

The class instructor, Cindy, is excited to work with you and see how the participants benefit from the program. Cindy is a certified fitness instructor with BCRPA and has a certificate in Health Coaching. Cindy also leads our online dryland and fitness programs on Monday evenings, does dragon boat paddling and helps coach the Sonar Dragon’s team in Kelowna.

Chilliwack – In-person Chair Yoga Classes
BC Blind Sports is still seeking an instructor for our in-person Yoga and fitness program in Chilliwack so we can resume the classes. In the meantime, the online classes will continue, led by Candice.

Nanaimo – In-person Fitness Classes
The Nanaimo in-person fitness classes, led by Brian, will take a break in July and August and return in September. Email or call the office at 1-877-604-8638 if you are interested in joining in the fall.

5. Online Program Updates

All online programs, except Brian’s Wednesday classes, will continue as they have proven to be a wonderful success.

These programs have made it possible for all, regardless of their physical location, to join in and be active. For some, the classes have allowed them to get to know their bodies and their body movement; for others it’s been about getting a workout and keeping active. Members have reconnected with old friends and created new ones.

Summer Schedule
Chair Yoga with Candice – Sundays and Thursdays
Dragon Boat Fitness with Cindy – Monday evenings
Fitness with Brian – Thursday evenings
BC Blind Sports Active Living Network – Meets once every 4 to 5 weeks.

For information on any of our programs, please email or call the office at 604-325-8638 or 1-877-604-8638.

6. 2023 Bell Canadian Track and Field Championships July 27-30

The 2023 Bell Canadian Track and Field Championships will be taking place July 27th to the 30th at McLeod Athletic Park in Langley BC.

The Championships will feature our best Canadian Para Athletes, who have been taking Paris by storm during the 2023 World Para Athletics Championships, up and coming future Para Athletics athletes, as well as Olympic athletes.

Click here for the full schedule of events  (subject to change, expect another update before the start of the event).

7. Fall Blind Ice Hockey Season

The Ice Hockey program is open to new participants learning hockey and those who are already experienced in hockey. The only participation requirement is to be a BC Blind Sports member in good standing. The season will run from September 2023 to March 2024.

Below please find information about the ice times booked in Surrey on Sundays from 10:45 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.

Fall 2023 Ice times:
September 3, 10, 17, 24,
October 1, 15, 22, 29
November 12, 19,
December 03, 10, 17, 24
No ice time on October 08, November 05, and November 26

Winter 2024 Ice Times:
January 7, 14, 21, 28
February 11, 18, 25
March 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
No ice time on February 4

For more information or to attend the program, contact

8. Celebrating Disability Pride Month

July is Disability Pride Month in Canada, a time to celebrate the achievements, contributions, and rights of individuals with disabilities. BC Blind Sports is an organization made by and for individuals with visual disabilities, with the belief that blind, partially sighted, and deafblind people deserve to live an active lifestyle. We are a welcoming organization and celebrate each member’s accomplishments – from signing up to a new fitness class to winning a championship to helping a teammate across the finish line.

9. Contact Us

For information on any of our programs and activities, please email or or call the office at 604-325-8638 or 1-877-604-8638. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

We hope you’re having a wonderfully active summer!

BC Blind Sports Staff: Jane, David, Lachlan, Linda and Susan

BC Blind Sports and Recreation Association
#606 – 4980 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 4K7

Judo BC Presents:

The Gentle Way to Empowerment
A Workshop for Women

BC Blind Sports women members are invited to join Judo BC’s one-day workshop to learn the art and basic skills of judo and to meet female judo Olympians, Paralympians, and police leaders. They will also learn basic concepts to enhance their personal safety in situations of unavoidable violence, and to join an information session by Vancouver Police Department’s Recruiting Unit on a career in law enforcement.

The workshop is FREE for women age 16+. They will join an introductory judo & self-protection clinic led by an all women instructing team.

Date: Wednesday, June 21, 2023
Time: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Place: Justice Institute British Columbia (Gym & Auditorium)
715 McBride Boulevard, New Westminster, BC, Canada
To register or for more information, contact

Learn to skate – try blind hockey

The Vancouver / Surrey Try Blind Hockey program will return on Sunday, March 12, at the North Surrey Sport & Ice Complex from 10:45 pm – 11:45 pm.

This program is run in partnership with BC Blind Sports and the Vancouver Eclipse Blind Hockey Team. It is 100% free and is open to all local children, youth, and adults who are blind or partially sighted. All equipment will be provided as well as volunteers from the Vancouver Eclipse Blind Hockey Team to ensure a safe and fun experience.

To register please fill out this google form by Thursday, March 9 : Click Here to Register for the Vancouver Try Skating and Blind Hockey Session. The North Surrey Sport & Ice Complex is located only a quick walk from the Scott Road Skytrain Station.

Canadian Blind Hockey currently runs children and youth Blind Hockey programs in Toronto, Brantford, Ottawa, and Windsor, and supports all-ages programs in Calgary, Halifax, New Brunswick and St John’s. We are pleased to now offer ongoing children and youth programming in the lower mainland. If there is enough interest, we hope to start a weekly Children and Youth program beginning in the fall of 2023!

Vancouver / Surrey Try Skating and Blind Hockey Program

North Surrey Sport & Ice Complex
10950 126A St, Surrey, BC

Sunday March 12

10:00 pm – 10:30 pm: Arrival – Gear Up! Skates + Equipment
10:45 pm – 11:45 pm: Try Skating & Blind Hockey with the Vancouver Eclipse
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm: Pizza Lunch and Information Session on Blind Hockey

Boccia for Students with Cortical Visual Impairment

Boccia is a game which can be played by individuals with limited mobility however can be played by individuals with or without a disability. It is a sport in the Paralympic Games which was originally developed for people with severe Cerebral Palsy. We’ve developed some modifications to this popular game to meet the individual needs of a variety of students with a Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI). Here is an outline of a session plan:

Session Plan for Boccia Day
Participants or Students with Cortical Visual Impairment


  • Light physical activity and movement exploration for students/participants with multiple exceptionalities
  • Introduce boccia skills – ball skills (throwing or delivering), directing a ball at a target.
  • Boccia Game or modified game if appropriate
  • Social interaction with other students

Participants are encouraged to do what they are able to, recognizing that there are a wide range of abilities and interests.

Breaks and transition times should be scheduled to meet the needs of the participants.

1. Greeting
Greet and get to know participants/students and EA’s/support staff. If there is anything that can be shared which would be helpful to know about the participant/student such as preferred colours or preferred activities that would be helpful.

2. Gentle warmup and stretching
Have participants stretch or move themselves as they are able to. Stretching their arms, legs, trunk, gentle stretch of neck if appropriate/safe for the participant. If appropriate, tie downs for arms and legs could be loosened or removed.

3. Parachute Activity
Gentle/light parachute activity with participants holding the parachute if they are able to. Where possible, moving arms up and down – arms together, one arm up one down and alternate. Students can also go under the parachute if desired. If appropriate some light balls or beanbags can be put on the parachute.

The warmup and Parachute activities provide an opportunity to assess the potential range of motion of a participant/student.

4. Break/transition/snack/water
As appropriate and as per the needs of the participant.

5. Ball Activity
Exploring a range of sizes and textures of balls and throwing implements. Throwing, delivering a ball, pushing a ball – the objective is to move the ball from one place to another – however that can be done. This can be on the floor, pushed across a table, or using a ramp. Balls can be in different sizes and colours and some can be auditory.

Ramps are available for participants who are not able to hold or throw a ball. The student/student will be encouraged to do what they are able to, place the ball on the ramp, release the ball from the ramp, change the height of the ramp, provide directions to their EA/support person on how to change the height or direction of the ramp.

6. Target Activity
Getting the ball to a target – the target can be of a preferred colour for the student, it can be shiny, lit up, a piece of cardboard on the floor, a cone, a hoop, etc. The target in the boccia game is the white ball.

7. Boccia or Modified Boccia
Use of Boccia Balls, ramp if necessary, and targets appropriate to the student.

8. Break/transition/snack
As needed.

9. Boccia Games
Games can be one on one, or pairs, or a team of 3.

10. Warm down, stretch, gentle parachute activity.

11. Debrief – feedback on the session.

January 2023 Boccia Days
Thank you to the participants and others who made the January 2023 Boccia Days possible: School District 43 students, TSVIs, O&M specialists, and EAs; PRCVI, Sunny Hill Health Centre, SportAbility BC, School District 43.

See a video about the January 2023 Boccia Days on:
Boccia – YouTube
Boccia – Instagram
Boccia – TikTok

Additional Resources and more information about Boccia are available at the following links:

Boccia Canada and What is Boccia – Boccia Canada

SportAbility BC and their Boccia Coaching Resource Guide

Boccia for Students with CVI on the PRCVI Website

If you are interested in more information or having a Boccia Day for students/participants with CVI, please contact BC Blind Sports at

Annual Family Day Skate 2023

The BC Blind Sports Eclipse ice hockey team annual Family Day skate and demo game is taking place at Moody Park Arena 701 8th Ave New Westminster on Monday February 20th.

Date February 20th Monday

Family skate 11:15 AM to 12:15 PM
Demo game 12:15 PM to 1245

Please arrive at 11 AM to get your skates on and ready to go:
Skate rentals are free

Come with friends and family for an hour of ice skating joined by members of the BC Blind Sports Eclipse blind hockey team, followed by a 30 minute demo game of blind hockey

Please RSVP so we can make sure we have enough skates for everybody. To RSVP or if you have any questions, please contact us at: or by phone at 604 325-8638


The 2022 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Association will be held:
At 7 p.m., on Tuesday December 13, 2022

The meeting will be held via teleconference and/or zoom. There will be no in person attendance.

Attending by telephone or zoom– Please let us know if you will be attending the meeting, and please also confirm which email to send the dial in or link information to.
We will circulate the dial in and link information closer to the meeting.

Not Attending – you may contact us if you wish us to note your regrets.

To RSVP regarding the AGM, or to request a copy of the Reports or other information, please contact the office as follows:

Phone: 1 604 321-1638
Toll Free: 1 877 604 8638

Visit our website for updates on the AGM. The minutes of last year’s meeting and the Constitution and Bylaws are available from the office upon request.

We look forward to your participation in the 2022 AGM. Thank you!

Susan M. Flanagan
Member Services Coordinator
BC Blind Sports and Recreation Association
#606 – 4980 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 4K7