Notice of 2023 BCBSRA AGM

Dear BCBSRA Members:

Attached please find the following:

1. Notice of the AGM December 12, 2023. This included notice of the AGM, RSVP instructions, a special resolution on bylaw changes, instructions on voting, and a voting form for members not attending the meeting and who wish to vote on the special resolution. Download the Notice

2. BCBSRA Amended Bylaws Summary of Material Changes – This document summarizes the material changes proposed to the bylaws. Download the Amended Bylaws Summary of Material Changes

3. BCBSRA Amended Bylaws – This document includes the proposed amended bylaws to be approved by the members at the AGM.  Download the Proposed Amended Bylaws

4. Nominating Committee Report – This is the report of the 2023 Nominating Committee. Download the Report

Should you have any questions, or have any accessibility issues with the attached documents, please contact Jane D Blaine, Executive Director

We look forward to your participation in the 2023 AGM. Thank you!

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