Boccia for Students with Cortical Visual Impairment

Boccia is a game which can be played by individuals with limited mobility however can be played by individuals with or without a disability. It is a sport in the Paralympic Games which was originally developed for people with severe Cerebral Palsy. We’ve developed some modifications to this popular game to meet the individual needs of a variety of students with a Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI). Here is an outline of a session plan:

Session Plan for Boccia Day
Participants or Students with Cortical Visual Impairment


  • Light physical activity and movement exploration for students/participants with multiple exceptionalities
  • Introduce boccia skills – ball skills (throwing or delivering), directing a ball at a target.
  • Boccia Game or modified game if appropriate
  • Social interaction with other students

Participants are encouraged to do what they are able to, recognizing that there are a wide range of abilities and interests.

Breaks and transition times should be scheduled to meet the needs of the participants.

1. Greeting
Greet and get to know participants/students and EA’s/support staff. If there is anything that can be shared which would be helpful to know about the participant/student such as preferred colours or preferred activities that would be helpful.

2. Gentle warmup and stretching
Have participants stretch or move themselves as they are able to. Stretching their arms, legs, trunk, gentle stretch of neck if appropriate/safe for the participant. If appropriate, tie downs for arms and legs could be loosened or removed.

3. Parachute Activity
Gentle/light parachute activity with participants holding the parachute if they are able to. Where possible, moving arms up and down – arms together, one arm up one down and alternate. Students can also go under the parachute if desired. If appropriate some light balls or beanbags can be put on the parachute.

The warmup and Parachute activities provide an opportunity to assess the potential range of motion of a participant/student.

4. Break/transition/snack/water
As appropriate and as per the needs of the participant.

5. Ball Activity
Exploring a range of sizes and textures of balls and throwing implements. Throwing, delivering a ball, pushing a ball – the objective is to move the ball from one place to another – however that can be done. This can be on the floor, pushed across a table, or using a ramp. Balls can be in different sizes and colours and some can be auditory.

Ramps are available for participants who are not able to hold or throw a ball. The student/student will be encouraged to do what they are able to, place the ball on the ramp, release the ball from the ramp, change the height of the ramp, provide directions to their EA/support person on how to change the height or direction of the ramp.

6. Target Activity
Getting the ball to a target – the target can be of a preferred colour for the student, it can be shiny, lit up, a piece of cardboard on the floor, a cone, a hoop, etc. The target in the boccia game is the white ball.

7. Boccia or Modified Boccia
Use of Boccia Balls, ramp if necessary, and targets appropriate to the student.

8. Break/transition/snack
As needed.

9. Boccia Games
Games can be one on one, or pairs, or a team of 3.

10. Warm down, stretch, gentle parachute activity.

11. Debrief – feedback on the session.

January 2023 Boccia Days
Thank you to the participants and others who made the January 2023 Boccia Days possible: School District 43 students, TSVIs, O&M specialists, and EAs; PRCVI, Sunny Hill Health Centre, SportAbility BC, School District 43.

See a video about the January 2023 Boccia Days on:
Boccia – YouTube
Boccia – Instagram
Boccia – TikTok

Additional Resources and more information about Boccia are available at the following links:

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If you are interested in more information or having a Boccia Day for students/participants with CVI, please contact BC Blind Sports at

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