An opportunity for Para Rowing

The Vancouver Rowing Club is offering a great opportunity to experience para rowing in Vancouver!

What: Para Rowing Come and Try event

When: Sept 18th, 4pm-6pm

Where: Vancouver Rowing Club
450 Stanley Park Drive

Contact: Leslie

Note: spaces are limited and booking is essential, participants must use a mask when in close contact, be able to self-transfer.

What will I experience?

You will discover the basics first on a rowing machine, and then head out on the water with an experienced coach.

You will lead the experience in terms of your comfort level, physical ability and enjoyment.

Come down and try it – you’ll like it!

Why is rowing good for me?

Rowing enables individuals to maintain a high level of muscular and cardiovascular output. This is particularly relevant where issues may prevent an adequate level of exertion being achieved in many other sporting activities. Rowing is a unique activity in its ability to be adapted to a wide range of disability degrees and types and allows both muscular strengthening and improved cardiovascular fitness.

Rowing combines these benefits with being a wonderful, low impact aerobic workout. The benefits of Rowing as cross training can enhance performances in other para-sports.

The equipment used is essentially the same as for able-bodied rowers, with adaptations made to the equipment as required.

All welcome……try it, you’ll like it! Para Rowing offers opportunities for athletes with physical and visual impairments to be active on the water. It provides balanced low-impact exercise for the whole body, and is suited for a wide range of disabilities. Whether you are interested in having a social row, personal fitness, or taking this to the Paralympic Games, Vancouver Rowing Club has a program for you. Feel the freedom of gliding across the water.

For information please contact: Leslie Vancouver

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