Goalball: 2018-2019

The program will run from Sunday September 9th and will run until end of March 2019

The BC Blind Sports Goalball program season starts this coming Sunday Sept 9th from 6:30-9:30pm at Collingwood Neighborhood House Community Center close to the Joyce Street Skytrain Station. Anyone needing to be met at skytrain let us know.

Goalball is a paralympic sport designed for individuals who are blind or visually impaired. The idea of the game is where you take a basketball sized rubber ball and bowl it down the court trying to score into the net. It is played 3-on-3 and all players are blindfolded to make an equal playing field.

We are looking for new members, all fitness levels and ages are welcome!. You will meet and learn from some of the high performance athletes including some who are currently on the National team and have attended several Paralympic Games. Come and give it a try.

Equipment Required
exercise clothing, shorts, long sleeves, runners, elbow, knee, hip pads (if you got them if not some can be provided), jock or jill (m/f) A smile, courage and attitude.

For more information you can check out BC Goalball group on facebook or contact John Edward Tee on Facebook or email at dartblade@msn.com

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