Round 2: Lesson 7

Opportunity for All! May 11, 2021

Lesson Seven: Throwing

Fundamental Skill: Throwing with purpose

This week we are introducing the movement of throwing an object. This movement skill is also an important part of developing some physical literacy. We will start with small beanbags or something that is similar in size. A rolled-up sock or a ball of tape can be used as a substitute piece of equipment. It is best to have something that does not roll away when it lands. We will also need a target to toss into and eventually in the direction of! Here is a chance to use some hula-hoops!

This movement will help with activities that involve similar actions including bowling, boccia (Bocce) and ring toss. Goalball for blind athletes uses a similar motion for this type of throwing!

  1. Have the child hold their hand out with the palm facing upwards to the sky. Place the beanbag in their hand and have them grip it. Facing the target have them toss the bag towards and into the target. The toss should be underhand with the throwing arm sweeping towards the landing area. It helps to ensure the landing area is outlined or highlighted by a distinctive sound or light in some manner that works for the child.
  2. When they have mastered the toss, lengthen the distance thrown. To increase the distance that they throw, have them take a step forward as they toss the object. The leg opposite the throwing arm should be the one taking a step forward. Begin with the throwing arm swinging back past the hip.

Teaching Points

Make sure it is a low throw or toss, as we will progress to rolling later. Having a beanbag or object that does not roll too much helps in retrieval and safety. Use a plastic cone to tap to help with location of the target.





Adapted Equipment

Throwing rope

A throwing rope is a great piece of equipment with many uses. This item can be purchased ready made from as a part of a full set of equipment. Better yet, make one for yourself! BC Blind Sports uses them for sports days and at in-service sessions frequently.


A cardboard tube on a rope makes a throwing rope for learning technique of overhand throwing

This is a multi use piece of equipment. It makes a guide rope for running in a controlled space like a backyard or long hallway. Make sure it is waist high and not ankle and head high!

A trip to the dollar store will provide you the materials. The rope is 4,7 mm ( 3/16 inch)or 6mm (1/4 inch) braided poly rope or coated rope of some type to help with the sliding. It should be 5 to 7 metres long with loops tied on each end to anchor it if there is only one person to hold it.

The throwing tube is a cardboard roll center from a household box of tin foil. The bells hanging from the end are metal jingle bells from a dollar store tied on with string. Tubes might also be made from a piece of PVC pipe. Mark the center of the tube with tape or colour if needed.