Round 2: Lesson 6

Opportunity for All! April 28, 2021

Lesson Six – Hopping and Jumping Part 2

This lesson will combine running and a jumping, hopping, or leaping for distance activity. These motor skill movements are an important part of many childhood games and other physical activities throughout the school years. Having some body awareness in moving through air is helpful in any physical exercise or games that we all interact with peers at.

Image of children jumping off a dock and of an athlete jumping and taking a shot

1. Long Jump from standing and from moving forward
Stand on two feet then jump forward. Land like you are riding a motorcycle (squatting with your feet beside each other and hands in front). Try this a few times. Next, take one-step forward and then jump forward, pushing off with two feet. Still land as if you are riding a motorcycle.

You can see a quick video of a standing long jump here

Now try a one-foot take off from the ground. Identify an area to jump from with colour, contrast or tactile material such as towel board or mat of some type.
Try this 5 times with each foot. Finally, take three steps then jump forward. Land the same way. Try this a few times with walking steps

Another NWABA video about jumping and leaping

Teaching points

  • Use noodles to hold on to help with balance if needed
  • Alternate take off legs to help with coordination
  • Emphasize Knee lift
  • Try softer surfaces to start
  • Use contrast or outlined lined areas to promote distances and take off areas. Chalk is a good way to outline areas on pavement
  • Have them bend their knees and then “explode up and out”

Landing can be unnerving if you have little or no vision. Develop the sense of anticipation of landing and the impact by jumping down off small heights such as steps or piled up mats. Have them grasp a stick or noodle to provide some support and guidance as they jump outwards and downwards. Jump into sand or something soft.
Do both jump up and jump down to create the sensation of movement. Small trampolines work well in developing the movement.

Adapted Equipment

Skipping rope
Skipping ropes are helpful with developing lots of jumping skills. You can add foam or plastic segments to help with noise or contrast if needed. Have comfortable handles if possible. Find a whistling rope or tie small bells to the rope for sound.

Ropes are great for making use of the developing jumping skills but also as a convenient way to outline activity areas for safety or as an object to jump over.

2 pieces of pool noodle on a rope to provide visual clue for jumping over the rope