Active Living Network for Adults

This new program is based on the cross-Canada Women’s Active Living Engagement Network, an idea conceived by Marilyn Rushton from BC, and sponsored by the Canadian Blind Sports Association. Marilyn is a recently retired Vision Teacher and blind from birth. She learned the benefits of everyday walking and body movement in a fun and supportive way and is excited to share the fun with others.

Program purpose: To bring people together to support each other and celebrate the value of all daily physical activities, whether walking to the mailbox with a white cane or guide dog, moving around home, climbing stairs, going for a bike ride, or going for a relaxing stroll with a friend.

How the Program works – The first virtual gathering will be an informal conversation for all participants to meet each other and share ideas to create a plan to accomplish our activity goals together. For example, someone has expressed interest in walking from Vancouver to London.
In addition, we will determine frequency of meetings as well as presentation topics to promote health and wellness through the pandemic and beyond.

Between meetings, Network members will send in a weekly activity log of a physical activity of their choice and level. Marilyn will crunch the numbers and send out the weekly combined total to the group. It will be fun to see how far we can go and how many interesting places we can visit along the way. FYI: the Canadian women’s network is currently on a virtual cruise from Vancouver to the Hawaiian Islands, with members planning daily cruise activities and port excursions to sample different foods and cultural events.

This program celebrates all levels of physical activity in daily routines. There is no competition or comparison of individual achievements, and only the combined total weekly activity amount is shared with the whole group.

If this opportunity for some virtual travel and fun appeals to your sense of adventure and to learn more about this program please contact us by email