Early Intervention

The Early Intervention Project is targeted at families of pre-school children who are blind or partially sighted.  The purpose is to encourage and support this age group and their families in the development of physical literacy to foster participation in physical activities.   BC Blind Sports provides consultation for children and their parents, offering modified instruction techniques, appropriate physical activity equipment adaptations and accessible physical activity options designed for each child’s activity needs and abilities.  Parents become aware of BC Blind Sports as a resource to support their children throughout their preschool years, educational careers, and into adult life in their pursuit of a variety of physical activities and a healthy active lifestyle.

The BC Blind Sports publication “Encouraging Physical Activity for Preschoolers with Visual Impairment, a Resource for Parents” is useful for instructors, teachers, and parents. It comes with a written guide and video. It outlines information on physical activity for children who are blind or partially sighted including compensating for less or no vision, starting to move, basic movement skills, physical literacy, safety, instruction techniques, and orientation to activities in the community. This resource is available by contacting BC Blind Sports at info@bcblindsports.bc.ca