Week One Learn to run! April 6, 2020

An Opportunity for all!

Week One: April 6, 2020

Skill of the week: Learn to run!

Efficient running is a skill that impacts a lot of physical activity. It also builds strength to participate and enjoy activities. Let’s start building that skill.

You can do this around the house or in the yard. One of the most difficult things is teaching someone to lift their knees when running. Two activities can help improve that.

  1. Marching drills…marching on the spot lifting alternating knees you can reinforce this by having the individual hold their hands out and have them hit their hands with the knees or have them hold a hockey stick or broom and have them hit that. The second phase would be marching forward with very small steps. The third phase would be to have them doing it by on the spot and then moving slowly forward at quicker pace
  2. Stair climbing– a great way to build the strength is do go up stairs with an exaggerated lift or up a small hill, always coming back down slowly in a regular motion Make a game of it by counting steps or doing it by time. Use a timer, do it to music!

Teaching points to use- light on the feet, land on the balls of the feet, keep head up don’t look at the floor (it doesn’t move!) do a time progression over the week.

Arms should swing slightly right knee up left arm forward (bent at elbow with the thumb sliding by your hip and in an upward arc.

Game of the week: Basement bowling

Use empty plastic pop bottles or milk cartons with something inside of them to make a noise when hit. If using clear material use food coloring to brighten up the target or use a light source to help with targeting. Use bright colours for those who can locate the targets or tap the targets for those with little or no vision. Vary the size of the ball. Try different methods of rolling the ball..one hand two hand or standing backwards

Equipment of the week: Hula Hoops!

You can’t go wrong with hula hoops. Try and find ones with sound makers in them. They make great targets for throwing things at, for using for hopping and jumping with or into. We will show you how to throw with them in an upcoming skill! They are available at the Dollar Stores, Walmart and Dollarama and are cheap. Get a few! Get some bright colours! Great for skipping with as well!

Websites of the week

For equipment try http://www.braillebookstore.com/
This online store has adapted items for sport and physical activity available.

For adapted sports try
Canadian Paralympic Committee https://paralympic.ca
Lots of information on parasport and what can be accomplished when participating in sports at many levels. Motivation for athletes with a disability!

Check the Canadian Olympic schools program site for ideas and tools that will help motivate anyone in sport at any level.

You can download the above information as a pdf
Download Week 1 (.pdf)

BC Blind Sports staff are working remotely at this time but can be contacted at info@bcblindsports.bc.ca or leave a message at 604-321-1638