Week 8 Hopping and Jumping May 25, 2020

An Opportunity for all!

Week 8: May 25, 2020

Wow 8 weeks already! Time to get ready for a Virtual sports day! More information next week!

Skill of the week: Hopping and Jumping: Part 2

This week we proceed to a run and jump activity. Jumping, hopping, or leaping for distance are part of many childhood games and other physical activities throughout school years. Having some body awareness in moving through air is helpful in any physical exercise or games that we all with peers.

Long Jump from standing and from moving forward

Stand on two feet then jump forward. Land like you are riding a motorcycle (squatting with your feet beside each other and hands in front). Try this a few times. Next, take one step then jump forward. Still land like you are riding a motorcycle. Try this 5 times with each leg. Finally, take three steps then jump forward. Land the same way. Try this a few times with walking steps.

You can see a quick video of a standing long jump here

A hopping video.

Teaching points:

  1. Use noodles to hold on to help with balance if needed
  2. Alternate take off legs to help with coordination
  3. Emphasize Knee lift
  4. Try softer surfaces to start
  5. Use contrast or outlined lined areas to promote distances and take off areas. Chalk is a good way to outline areas on pavement
  6. Have them bend their knees and then “explode up and out”

Game of the week: Activity Wheel

Create a spin dial or wheel to have the child choose what physical activity or game they want to do.

Make a spin dial using an old board game with different exercises printed on it, including things like skipping, running, jumping, hopping or other movement we have covered, or they are familiar already. Use diagrams or braille if appropriate when creating it. A grid diagram would work as well, with a method of randomly choosing the activity. It can be played in a team format with participants choosing for someone else or the other team. Create different dials or grids for games, exercises, or skills. For example, for throwing make a dial with standing, sitting, one hand, opposite hand, types of balls or similar choices could be used.
(thank you to L. Lieberman’s book on Games for People with Sensory Impairments)

Equipment of the week: Skipping rope

Skipping ropes are helpful with developing the jumping skills. You can add foam or plastic segments to help with noise or contrast if needed. Have comfortable handles if possible. Find a whistling rope or tie small bells to the rope for sound.

Can be used for making use of the developing jumping skills but also as a convenient way to outline activity areas for safety or as an object to jump over.

Skipping rope with 15 cm iece of a pool noodle for contrast or noise

Websites of the week

There are several activities on the “adapted physical education” channel on youtube that are useful for ideas on adapting motor skill movements
Please contact us with any questions or suggestions for resources to add to this program.

You can download the above information as a pdf
Download Week 8 (.pdf)

BC Blind Sports staff are working remotely at this time but can be contacted at info@bcblindsports.bc.ca or leave a message at 604-321-1638