Week 5 Throwing overhand May 4, 2020

An Opportunity for all!

Week 5: May 4, 2020

Skill of the week: Throwing overhand

This week we are introducing throwing overhand. This motor skill is also part of developing some physical literacy. Learning to throw a ball overhand is difficult for many. We will start with using a throwing rope. Today’s equipment idea shows you how to make one.

  1. Using a tool that is from Athletics Canada’s program of “Run Jump Throw Wheel” is a great and effective method for introducing the motion needed. Start by having the child grasp the tube being used with the hand they are dominant with. Try both too see what is most effective and comfortable. The palm should be facing upwards, wrapping the fingers around the tube from underneath.
  2. Hold the rope above shoulder height at around the individuals head level and slightly to the side above the shoulder. Have their feet placed with the foot opposite the throwing hand forward and the foot on the throwing hand side set back.
  3. Begin by having them reach back with by sliding the tube back towards the end of the rope while still holding on to it and keeping the feet anchored.
  4. Have them “throw the tube along the rope”
  5. After a few efforts have them take a step forward as they throw to increase power or speed.

Teaching points:

  • Hold the tube in the middle not the end
  • Adjust the height to help with flexibility if needed
  • Have them point the hand not throwing in the direction of the throw
  • Have them finish the throw with their hand all the way forward with the fingers pointing forward
  • Make sure the opposite hand rotates back as they throw
  • If manual gripping is difficult use a tether tied to the tube
  • Create relays with siblings throwing it back
  • Keep hands off the rope when waiting for it to come back.
  • Use jingle bells or metal washers at the end to give the auditory feedback for the thrower
  • Great for wheelchair users or any one with a physical impairment as it is adjustable for height and length

Equipment of the week: Throwing rope

A throwing rope is a great piece of equipment. It can be purchased ready made from https://www.flaghouse.ca/Pages/AthleticsCanada/ as a part of a full set of equipment or better yet make one for yourself. BC Blind Sports uses them for sports days and in-service sessions frequently

This is a multi use piece of equipment. It makes a guide rope for running in a controlled space like a backyard or long hallway. Make sure it is waist high and not ankle and head high!

A trip to the dollar store will provide you the materials. The rope is 4,7 mm (3/16 inch) or 6mm (1/4 inch) braided poly rope or coated rope of some type to help with the sliding. It should be 5 to 7 metres long with loops tied on each end to anchor it if there is only one person to hold it.

The throwing tube is a cardboard roll center from a household box of tin foil. The bells hanging from the end are metal jingle bells from a dollar store tied on with string. Tubes can be made from a piece of PVC pipe. Mark the center of the tube with tape or colour if needed.

A cardboard tube on a rope makes a throwing rope for learning technique of overhand throwing

Game of the week: Chair Boccia

Using bean bags or slow rolling balls (i.e. ones partially deflated or something similar) and a target cone or object. It is played with an underhand toss. The object is to toss your bag closest to the target. Each player would get four to throw and the winner is the one with the one closest. Points are awarded for each one closer to the “pin” than their opponent. The target Pin can be identified by sound or light if appropriate. If played outside use balls that roll. Inexpensive water filled balls are available at stores like Walmart.

Websites of the week

Mini-movers is an Alberta based childcare group that has a picture of one way to use the throwing rope

Another site (Active for Life) with some ideas for the cardboard tube.

One Ability: https://oneability.ca/programs/
A Victoria BC resource with sport descriptions that can help promote sport activities.

Please contact us with any questions or suggestions for resources to add to this program.

You can download the above information as a pdf.
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