Week 4 Throwing April 27, 2020

An Opportunity for all!

Week 4: April 27, 2020

Skill of the week: Throwing

This week we are introducing throwing. This motor skill is also part of developing some physical literacy. We will start with bean bags or something similar like a rolled-up sock or a ball of tape. We want something that does not roll away when it lands. We also need a target to toss into and then eventually throw at! Here is a chance to use those hula hoops!

  1. Have the child hold their hand out with the palm facing upwards to the sky. Place the bean bag in their hand and have them grip it. Facing the target have them toss the bag towards and into the target. It should be tossed underhand with the throwing arm sweeping towards the landing area. Make sure the landing area is highlighted by sound or light in some manner that works for the child.
  2. When they have mastered the toss, lengthen the distance thrown. To increase the distance that they throw, have them take a step forward as they toss the object. The leg opposite the throwing arm should be the one stepping forward. Begin with the throwing arm swinging back past the hip.
  3. Teaching points are making sure it is a low throw or toss as we will progress to rolling later. Having a bean bag or object that does not roll too much helps in retrieval and safety. Use a plastic cone to tap to help with location of the target. Use the can game from last week!
  4. Hopefully, you are keeping up the running activities!

Game of the week: How far is that?

A concept that is sometimes difficult to explain is how far something is away from you in a game. Use a tape measure of some type. It can be something like a hula hoop or hockey stick instead. You need a reference model! Have the child measure a wide variety of objects and distances. Have them take giant steps to relate it where they are. Start with ground distances and move to heights on a wall. Have them add up the distances in a contest with others. The concepts of distance will be helpful as we practice throwing or jumping for distance.

Equipment of the week: Plastic cones

Small plastic cones from the dollar store are an excellent tool for many activities. They can be used for targets for throwing, goal posts for games of kicking, targets for frisbee golf or boccia, bowling pins or to help outline play areas for safety reasons. They are noisy when tapped with a cane or stick. You can put colours, shiny tape or bells on them.

Websites of the week

Wintergreen in Canada has a great deal of equipment that has uses in working with students who are blind or have a visual impairment.

A video from Australia that has some excellent ideas for adapting sport and physical activities. Well worth the 25 minutes it lasts.

Please contact us with any questions or suggestions for resources to add to this program.

You can download the above information as a pdf.
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BC Blind Sports staff are working remotely at this time but can be contacted at info@bcblindsports.bc.ca or leave a message at 604-321-1638