Week 2 More running April 14, 2020

An Opportunity for all!

Week 2: April 14, 2020

Skill of the week: More running!!

Efficient running is a skill that impacts a lot of physical activity. It also builds strength to participate and enjoy activities. Let’s add to this skill. You can do this around the house or in the yard. Last week we did Marching drills…marching on the spot lifting alternating knees.
This week we want to increase the speed and add two more movements to the development

  1. Rear end kicks or Butt kicks ..student kicks heels back up towards the backside, alternately of course! Head up facing forward, and arms moving gently back and forth as the marching drill. Move forward taking very small steps. You can vary speed to enrich it or move outside on the grass or try going up a slight hill
  2. Fast Feet or Quick feet. Have the student not lift their feet but rather quickly tap their feet in a quick motion, on the balls of the feet ,moving SLOWLY forward .. again head up and landing lightly on their feet not slamming. Emphasis is quiet and quick and head up

Teaching points to use – light on the feet, land on the balls of the feet, keep head up don’t look at the floor (it doesn’t move!) do a time progression over the week.

Arms should swing slightly, right knee up, left arm forward (bent at elbow with the thumb sliding by your hip and in an upward arc.

* Keep up the marching drills as well!

Game of the week: Bean Bag Golf

Create a mini golf course around the house using hula hoops or pots and pans ..tap the targeted item if needed to help with locating. You can use flashing lights if appropriate as well. Start with underhanded toss. We will progress to overhand in future games and skills. Small stuffy toys all work as bean bag substitutes.

Equipment of the week: Bean Bags!

Beg, borrow, or make bean bags. They can be used for many activities. They can be colourful, and they can be textured to differentiate. Bean bags are great for learning to throw or toss. They are easy to grip and pickup. They are soft to catch when learning to catch. Bean bags can be used for throwing at or tossing to targets. As an example, using hula hoops either tied up to hang in the air or on the ground.

Bonus Equipment!

Ball in a bag. If you are having trouble finding a ball with bells or sound source you can make one with a plastic bag wrapped around any medium size ball. Tape it so it has enough loose plastic to create some sound.

Websites of the week

There are many websites that provide physical literacy ideas and activities now. BC Blind Sports may be able to provide suggestions how possible adaptations. If something looks interesting and you wish more information please contact us!

Active for Life
Active for life has some activities which are available around the house and yard. Many are easily adaptable to students with a visual impairment.

I had the wrong website for the Canadian Olympic Committee education program last week
This should work much better https://olympic.ca/education/

Please contact us with any questions or suggestions for resources to add to this program.

You can download the above information as a pdf
Download Week 2 (.pdf)

BC Blind Sports staff are working remotely at this time but can be contacted at info@bcblindsports.bc.ca or leave a message at 604-321-1638