Week 10 Sports Day June 8, 2020

An Opportunity for all!

Week 10: June 8, 2020

Sports Day 2020

We have worked on several physical literacy skills for the last few weeks. Its time to put them to use! This is the time of the year schools have a sports day. This is when BC Blind Sports hosts a sport and activity day in many areas of the province. This year we will have to do it differently of course!

We want you to try some of the activities and skills listed below. Try as many as you can over the next week or so. Try them with your families. Try them with your friends online by sending them the list and challenging them to a contest!

We want you to send to us pictures or videos of you trying out some of these activities. Show us what equipment you made or used. You can draw us a picture! Try some of the games we told you about earlier.

We also want to hear about physical activities you have tried while you are at home. Did you go for a bike ride or try a new sport? Did you try dancing! Tell us or show us and why you liked it.

These activities can be inside, outside, or even at school for those who are back!

Keep a list of the ones you liked to do! Try one activity from each station listed!

Try these sports and activities that we do at our Sports Day!

image - sports equipment - baseball, basketball, football,, tennis ball, badminton shuttle, soccer ball, etc.

Ball Sports- Station One

  1. Soccer- try kicking and taking a shot on a goal and counting how many you get. Pass the ball at least 10 times
  2. Ball Hockey- play floor hockey on the driveway or in the basement. Take shots on a net that you made
  3. Football Toss- try passing the ball to a parent or sibling. Try throwing the ball through a hula hoop someone is holding
  4. Tennis-try hitting a tennis ball against the wall or over a net on a court
  5. Basketball- take shots at basketball hoop or make your own!
  6. Softball- hit a baseball or softball of a tee stand
  7. Volleyball- use a balloon to practice serving a volleyball serve

Games- Station Two

  1. Frisbee Golf – Make a golf course for frisbee tossing using hula hoops and cones or boxes and baskets
  2. Basement Bowling- try bowling with pop cans for targets and a soccer ball for rolling
  3. California Kickball- try your kick using a soccer ball or a ball with bells and run for the bases
  4. Soccer golf -use a ball and orange cones to kick your way around a backyard course
  5. Bocce -play a game with any type of ball (even sock balls!)

Riding and Rolling Activities- Station Three

  1. Ride a bike or on a bike- try a tandem bike!
  2. Ride a Stand-up scooter- or sit on a scooter board
  3. Ride on a skateboard -standing or sitting
  4. In-line skating- try roller skating

Hula Hoop Games- Station Four

  1. Hula hoop Toss- throw the hula hoop as far as you can by spinning and turning
  2. Roll the hoop- Roll the hula hoop along the floor or grass. Spin it to come back to you
  3. Ring toss with the hoop- try and toss the hoop over a target like a cone or box
  4. Skip with a hula hoop
  5. Spin the hoop around your waist- try more than one!
    image - hula hoop use - spinning around your waist, on one arm, stepping through, etc.

Movement Activities- Station Five

  1. Walking -try walking fast, marching slow and fast, walking backward
  2. Skipping- try fast and slow skipping with and without a skipping rope
  3. Hopscotch- make a hopscotch design for others to try hopping through by using hoops or chalk on the sidewalk
  4. Dancing – dance to different kinds of music and songs
  5. Tag- play different kinds of tag with your family- balloon tag, frozen tag
  6. Obstacle course- create and run through an obstacle course that has sections to crawl under and hop over.
  7. Parachute- use an old sheet or blanket for parachute activities such as creating waves, lifting it up and down, and tossing balls or soft objects into the air. Run under, sit under it or spin around with the parachute.

Challenge your strength- Station Six

  1. Standing long jump-try 4 standing jumps to see how far you can get
  2. Wall sit- see how long you can hold your back against the wall with your hands on your knees
  3. Balance Beam-try standing on one leg and balance using small board on the ground or a towel
  4. Jump up-stand by a wall and jump straight up marking where you touch-try 3 times
  5. Distance Kick-see how far you can kick a ball standing and then taking 3 steps and kicking
  6. Sit ups- how many sit-ups can you do in 1 minute or 2 minutes!


The highlight of our BC Blind Sports Activity days are the relays!

Try some of these at home or outside on the grass. Have the student run 10-20 metres or more around an object and back. The older the longer the run!

  1. Sack Race- Pillow cases work if you do not have a potato sack – hop down and back holding on to the sack with your feet inside. If in a chair drape it over their legs
  2. Ice Cream Cone Relay- (aka Egg and Spoon) Use an upside-down plastic cone with a ball on top for the ice cream
    Image - upside down plastic cone with ball on top
  3. Hula Hoop Relay- run to the other end and back holding the hoop. Pick up another person and both hold on and run down and back. Add another person each time.
  4. Big Shirt Relay- Run to the cone and put on a big t shirt, then run back and take it off and hand to the next person
  5. Items Relay- Have 5 to 10 items in a hoop at the other end. The student runs down and picks up item and brings it back and places it in a hoop at the starting point. You can vary it by having them put the items on a frisbee and carrying them that way.
    image - frisbee with rope, balls, and other items for a relay race
  6. Crab Walk Crawl- crab walk down and back.

Tug of war!

Unfortunately, not everyone has a tug of war rope! We miss that as it is a highlight of every sport day we do! – – NEXT YEAR!

Please contact us with any questions or suggestions for resources to add to this program.

You can download the above information as a pdf
Download Week 10 (.pdf)

BC Blind Sports staff are working remotely at this time but can be contacted at info@bcblindsports.bc.ca or leave a message at 604-321-1638