An Opportunity for All

In April 2020 we started the Opportunities for All program to help individuals, families, teachers and others who were isolated due to the cancellation of programs and schools. During the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a unique opportunity to build some foundations of physical literacy and movement skills at home, to maintain fitness and to have fun!

In 2023 we have updated the resources to make them more adaptable and exciting, and to act as a resource for participants who are blind, partially sighted, or deafblind; families; educators; or other practitioners who work with people who are blind, partially sighted or deafblind.

Visit our Opportunities for All web pages, or directly download a word document or pdf version of the information:

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Running Word .doc .Pdf
Throwing Word .doc .Pdf
Kicking a Ball Word .doc .Pdf
Jumping and Hopping Word .doc .Pdf
Games Word .doc .Pdf
Equipment Word .doc .Pdf
Support and Resources Word .doc .Pdf
Activities for Participants with a CVI Word .doc .Pdf