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Showdown News and Content | Showdown Rules 2009-2012: Download Word version / .pdf version


Showdown is a table game with some similarities to table tennis and air hockey. It does not have courts marked on the table. There are "Goals" or pockets below the table surface. Knocking the ball in to an opposing "pocket" scores points.

Official international Showdown rules for 2009-2012, are now available. Download Word version / .pdf version

The only equipment needed is the specially designed table, two paddles shaped like miniature cricket bats, a plastic ball (with a noisemaker inside), and protective gloves (to help protect players’ hands). The sport is considered relatively inexpensive to start up, requires minimal maintenance, and can be played in an ordinary sized room or area, such as a classroom, hallway or meeting room.

The object of the game is to carom the ball off one of the sidewalls of the table, under the center screen, and into the opponent’s goal. The opponent tries to prevent this from happening, while in turn, attempting to score a goal.

Showdown is an excellent game for sighted and visually impaired to play together on an equal basis.

In recreational play, sighted people need not wear a blindfold because the center screen — positioned on the crossbar which spans the width of the table — blocks the sighted player’s view of the opponent’s goal area.

It also prevents the sighted person from visually tracking the ball until the ball comes to the sighted person’s end of the table.

Under International Blind Sports Association (IBSA) rules, two points are awarded for a goal. Play continues until the first player reaches 11 points, and has a minimum lead of two points.

The ability to ‘hear the ball is vital. Therefore, the ball contains beebees in order that players who cannot see the ball can hear the beebees. The sound produced by the beebees rolling around inside the ball indicates the location of the ball during play. Thus, the only limiting factor that would preclude the playing of Showdown by a person who is blind/visually impaired is if he/she is also deaf.

Due to the rapid pace at which the game is played, Showdown requires a combination of skill and stamina. Showdown helps promotes coordination, dexterity and balance. It also fine-tunes sensory perception, provides for a high degree of competition, and enhances a sense of accomplishment. Players participate in an activity, which is stimulating, challenging, and fun!

If you’re interested in learning more about Showdown contact BC Blind Sports at (604) 325-8638.


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