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BC Blind Sports offers opportunities for members to participate in community activities, recreation programs and competitive sport programs.

Our programs are designed to encourage recreation and sport to individuals of all ages and levels. We will assist parents in getting started with their children into community programs, school programs and community club programs. Our adult programs are available to help those who are interested in improving their fitness, whether it’s recreational or competitive, in their local recreation centre or club programs, in their local communities.

BC Blind Sports provides recreational and competitive sport program opportunities, and education to help increase people who are blind / visually impaired lead more healthy and active lifestyles. Our programs are designed to work with all ages any where in the Province of BC.

All individuals have unique life circumstances that influences and directs their personal strengths, goals, and development of opportunities. Managing with no sight or low vision also relates to life circumstances in terms of adapting to challenges and achieving successful outcomes from their goals. Outcomes such as goals set for valued participation in active and healthy living through recreation and sport.

These are designed to encourage all British Columbians who are blind/visually impaired to enjoy taking part in fitness and health programs in their communities or compete and strive to reach the international and paralympic level in their chosen sport.

We will assist parents, teachers, coaches, and activity leaders in making sure that their programs have the tools necessary to include someone with a visual impairment into their program.

Pre School - We’re here to help you with information and orientation on how to include your child into the community programs that are already available in your local community. Some of these programs include; Gymnastics, Swim lessons, Skating lessons and any program you see your child being involved in. We will work with the instructors, activity leaders and volunteers to help make the program a success.

Insight in Schools - BC Blind Sports provides a program of on-site experiences for blind/visually impaired students of all ages. We will come to your school or school community program (such as a sports day), location to assist in the introduction of adaptations for equipment and/or activities in the gym or any other physical activity. We can provide resources and information on how and what to adapt if an adaptation is required. Programs are provided on site by Blind Sports Staff. Activities can be tailored to specific needs within the community. Download the pdf flyer.

ADULT PROGRAMS - Our adult programs are available to help those who are interested in improving their fitness, whether it’s recreational or competitive, in their local recreation centre or club programs, in their local communities.

If you are an adult or senior who has lost vision recently and would like to re enter into a sport you participated as a sighted person or maybe you have never been involved in recreation or sport and want to try it, we can help you make that transition and work with you to find the right program.

Recreational Activities - These programs include things like joining a walking program or doing one on your on with a volunteer. Going to your local gym and doing your fitness training (at your level). These can be individual programs where you set the pace and time to be involved. We will assist you in finding a volunteer to do the program with you. If equipment is needed we will assist in helping you making sure it’s what you need.


Recreation Activities & Programs
Walking Program
Ice Skating
Ice Hockey

Competitive Sports - Non Paralympic Sports
Dragon Boating
Lawn Bowling

Paralympics Sports
Athletics – (Track & Field)
Skiing – Alpine, Cross Country
Tandem Cycling

The sighted guide will ensure the participant/athlete is able to participate in the activity or sport by assisting with the required visual information.

Public Education and Awareness
We take part in many different community events and work with other organizations to provide Education and Awareness to as many individuals on how to include people who are blind / visually impaired into their community programs and to reach as many people who are blind/visually impaired to give them the opportunity to learn more about what is available to help them with increasing their fitness at their chosen level and learn what is available in their own communities.

For additional information on competitive sports

Athletics (track and field) *
Dragon Boat
Goalball *
Judo *
Lawn Bowls
Swimming *
Tandem Cycling *

* indicates a Paralympic sport

Sight Classification
All athletes who compete at the Provincial, National and International will be classified to ensure fair competition for all.

B1 No light perception in neither eye up to light perception but inability to recognize the shape of a hand at any distance or in any direction
B2, From ability to recognize the shape of a hand up to visual acuity of 2/60 and/or visual field of less than 5 degrees
B3, From visual acuity above 2/60 up to visual acuity of 6/60 and/or a visual field of more than 5 degrees and less than 20 degrees.

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