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One of the truly great things about the game of golf is that it can be played by men and women of all ages and from all walks of life. Golf is a game that requires concentration of both the body and the mind. The results and rewards can be very fulfilling.

The first requirement for a golfer who is visually impaired/blind is to find a reliable coach who has a good knowledge of the game. The job of a coach is to assist the golfer with:

  • getting to and on the golf course
  • knowing the distance to the pin
  • fairway hazards and distances
  • alignment on the fairway and on the green

These are some of the considerations and information a coach may be able to assist with.

The Royal Canadian Golf Rules that apply to golfers who are sighted also apply to golfers who are blind/visually impaired. There is only one exception - A golfer who is blind/visually impaired may ground his/her club in a sand trap.

A few words of advice for the beginner or novice:

  • don’t rush out and purchase a set of golf clubs;
  • take some time to understand some of the terms used in golf and their meanings;
  • become familiar with some of the rules of the game and more importantly, the etiquette on and around the course;
  • always use common sense and common courtesy.

To get a real feel for the game of golf, go to a driving range and hit a few balls. Rental clubs are usually available. If after a few times on the driving range, you think you would like to continue — the next step would be to take a few lessons from a qualified golf pro.

Now, its time to try the pitch and putt course (usually 100 metres or less). The pitch and putt will give you a good idea of a regular golf course in miniature. The next challenge would take you to what is called a par three course.

British Columbia Blind Sports and Recreation Association has a practice cage that can be made available. If you have a group of new golfers please call BCBS for more information.

For more advanced golfers, there are several events in which you can participate. One of the two tournaments listed below will be the qualifying event for the Western Canadian Blind Golf Tournament in August.

  • British Columbia Games for Athletes With A Disability
  • The Western Canadian Blind golf Qualifying Tournament

To qualify to play in either of these tournaments, you need to play 72 holes of golf on a regulation course that has a slope rating. The score cards have to be signed by the pro, the golfer, and the coach. There must be at least seven entries in an event in order to use it as Selection Trials.

If you wish to participate in any golf activities please call the British Columbia Blind Sports and Recreation Association office at 325-8638


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