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The Barrier Free Cup (BFC)

Hello dragon boat team managers, BC Blind Sports will have a team in the Barrier Free Cup (BFC) on Friday June 23 as part of the Concord Pacific Vancouver International Dragon Boat Festival. Please share the information below with team members, and encourage your team members to participate by joining the BC Blind Sports BFC team, donating, or raising funds for our team (BC Blind Sports dragon boat program).

The Barrier Free Cup (BFC)
This will be a good opportunity to bring together paddlers from each of our teams. Please ask if any of your team members in the Lower Mainland would be willing to host team members from Victoria or Kelowna. We do not have funds to reimburse for travel, accommodation or meal costs. However, we will try to find local team members to host paddlers from out of town.

This is an important event for BC Blind Sports. This event will provide good media coverage and promote public awareness of BC Blind Sports and it's dragon boat program. This event will also assist with raising funds for the BC Blind Sports dragon boat program. Please encourage your team members to participate in this event and donate to the BC Blind Sports BFC team. All funds raised by our BFC team will go to the BC Blind Sports dragon boat program to support all of our dragon boat teams across BC. Concord Pacific will donate $500 to each team participating in the Barrier Free Cup. As well, Concord Pacific will match the donations for the team which raises the most money to a maximum of $5000. This could be an important fundraising opportunity for us all.

Barrier Free Cup event information:
Concord Pacific is hosting the Barrier Free Cup on Friday June 23 to begin the Concord Pacific Vancouver International Dragon Boat Festival. Six to eights teams representing community groups, including BC Blind Sports, have been invited to participate in the BFC to promote public awareness and raise funds for the participating groups.

There will be two 90 minute practices compliments of Dragon Boat BC and Dragon Zone Paddling Club. All BFC charity teams are invited to participate in the following two practices:
Sunday, June 4th 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM – Practice
Sunday, June 11th 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM – Practice
The Barrier Free Cup will be on Friday, June 23rd 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM
Teams will participate in up to three races of 200 meter sprints.

Pam Warkentin (coach for Vision Impossible and Dragon In Sight) has kindly offered to coach our BFC team. Harvey Doucet will steer our team. We need you to paddle and/or donate to support BC Blind Sports.
The Barrier Free Canada Cup will consist of 6 to 8 boats racing 200 meters (sprint race) in a knock out format. In the first race the last two teams are eliminated and the remaining boats race again; then the two last place teams are eliminated and a final third race is run with the remaining boats. Winner becomes the Barrier Free Canada Cup Champion. All racers (20 paddlers per boat) will receive a racing jersey with their team's name and the Barrier Buster slogan and race sponsor logos.

Each boat in the BFC will represent a charity connected to Dragon Boat BC Programs. We expect participating teams from:

  1. BC Blind Sports
  2. Fei and Milton K.Wong Family Foundation (youth at risk and inclusion)
  3. Rick Hansen Foundation
  4. MS Society
  5. Open Door Society (mental health challenges)
  6. New Immigrant Society (to be confirmed)
  7. Cancer Survivor charity (to be confirmed)
  8. O2P Kidney / Organ Transplant Recipient tba (to be confirmed)

Before and during the BFC, social media and on-line donations to the above charities will be facilitated via a Dragon Boat BC website page and corporate support. Concord Pacific is pledging $500 per team to initiate fundraising and will match up to $5,000 for the charity boat team that raises the most money.

The BFC will be held in conjunction with the annual Dragon Boat BC Gala which will support Dragon Boat BC's All Access Programming. The Gala will be held at the Concord Pacific Place showroom at the Festival site (False Creek). It is well attended by the business community, Festival sponsors, government and media. There will also be an out of town team Paddler Party welcoming with music, food and drinks. During these two celebrations, All Access Friday will feature the Barrier Free Canada Cup race. This race is part of the Rick Hansen Foundation and 150th Canada Birthday awareness event highlighting accessible infrastructure improvements to dragon boats and the Paddling Centre being funded via RHF and 150 Canada grant.
For more information on the evening please go to: https://dragonboatgala.com/lite-ui/#home

Please contact Lee Grenon if you are interested in participating in the Barrier Free Cup on June 23, and the two practices on June 4 and 11. If you are unable to attend one or both of the practices but would like to participate in the BFC, please let me know.

Paddles up,
Lee Grenon
Email: lee.grenon@gmail.com


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