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Nanaimo will host the 2018 Lawn Bowls Provincials on July 30th and 31st, 2018. The first game will start at 1:00pm on Monday to allow the mainland and Victoria bowlers to travel during the morning, and the second games will start at 4:00pm. We will play 2 games on Tuesday starting at 9:00am and noon. The last game will finish about 2:00pm.

The games are all singles and each player will play all 4 games hopefully against 4 different opponents.

The games are to 21 points or 2 hours in length whichever come first. This is to prepare anyone who wishes to compete in the Nationals where the time limit is 3 hours.

We have markers at the jack end who will respond to any questions from the bowler & director. We use a white string down the centre for all games plus the large green mats. Our distance markers are in metric from 21 to 33 but we will have conversion sheets for those who use Imperial - feet.

Our markers announce the distance when the jack is delivered and when it is moved.

If you would like to participate in these games, and you need a director, please contact us as we may have a director available to work with you. All participants must be a member in good standing. There will be a $50 registration fee. For need more information please contact the office at 604-325-8638 or email at info@bcblindsports.bc.ca

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