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2017 IBBA World Championships - Day 6

March 25, 2017 - Today was an easy day at the green with only one session scheduled and all the games were mixed pairs. Today we played South Africa and they won the game 12 - 6. Tracy Smith of South Africa bowled extremely well which made it difficult for us but once again we gave up a 5 ender which killed our chances for a win.

Our B3 team of Ms Kwan from Edmonton and Daniel Morris from Montreal won their third pairs game coming from behind in the last 2 ends to win 13 - 10.

Most of the teams enjoyed the afternoon by relaxing. This evening we went to a restaurant featuring African drumming. To start we each had a drum and the leader showed us how to use it. He then had us play short bits and finally we put the bits together. For a group of almost 50 and all new to this it sounded very good. The meal consisted of a variety of African dishes starting with appetizers, salad, main course and dessert. We were in the restaurant for almost 3 hours so it was a most enjoyable evening.

Tomorrow the group will spread out and experience a variety of tourist activists in Cape Town area.
We will be back to the bowling on Monday.

This picture is our mixed team with
Gus Thorne and Donn Sherry on the left and
Lisa and Steve Royle of Northern Ireland on the right.


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