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British Columbia Blind Sports and Recreation Association operates through donations from the public, corporate support for our Run for Light, and a government contribution to operate some programs. Our participants and their families also contribute a large amount to support their participation in the programs, specially as participants compete outside their local region.


Our programs are run by volunteers, who contribute hundreds of hours to coach, manage, plan, organize and run events, drive our athletes and participants to the training or competition venues, fundraise and do much of the administration needed to operate a province wide organization. We are deeply indebted to these people, and would like to make their efforts easier and more broadly felt by the community of blind and visually impaired persons in British Columbia.

To do this, we need your help.

Donations, whether they are cash, time, or a donation in kind that we can use to improve our programs, would all contribute to the expansion and improvement of our wide range of services and programs.

To give some examples:

A) Participation in a BCBSRA recreational program:
These programs are run on a regular basis in local clubs, community centres, schools, and may run for periods of 2-3 months, or on a full year basis. The emphasis is fun, participation, skill development and social interaction.
Costs include: 1. transportation to the facility (community centre, school, etc) 2. facility rental, 3. program equipment (variable, and spread out over a period of years in most cases), 4. expendable equipment (balls, bike tires, helmets, paddles, etc) that generally have a one season lifespan or less.

B) Participation in a sport program:
Programs for athletes training for higher level competition occurs on a daily basis through local schools, or clubs, and involves much more intense training and preparation for provincial, national and for some, international championships.



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