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BCBSRA Membership Information

To join the British Columbia Blind Sports and Recreation Association, please complete the printable membership form and mail to our office with your cheque. 



  • Fiscal Year - 01 April to 31 March
  • Athletes pay $15.00 per year
  • Supporting Members pay $5.00 per year

Membership Fees include:

  • Members will receive information in the format of their choice, according to their visual impairment. Braille, E-mail, or Print.
  • Member will have insurance coverage in all events BC Blind Sports has to offer.
  • Members have access to equipment on a loan out basis.
  • Members will receive newsletters, and information up dates through email.
  • Workshops and Clinics - Moving to Inclusion and other related seminars.
  • Training is available for all sports and equipment that is on hand with BC Blind Sports.
  • Use of the Variety Van may be available for athlete travel, must be arranged by BC Blind Sports and meet the required rules and regulations that are set by BC Blind Sports.

Volunteers Competitive and Recreational

  • Sensitivity Training for all new volunteers
  • Possible, funding for club and other related costs.
  • Accommodation, Meals, Mileage and/or travel will be paid for with prior approval by BC Blind Sports
  • Guiding - Training programs at all levels
  • Training for coaching and Officials
  • Volunteer recognition

Athletes Competitive

  • Athletes will be required to have sight classification done.
  • Training Programs at all levels
  • Possible funding for club, equipment and other related fees
  • Uniforms may be available for Teams
  • Athlete recognition

Athlete Recreational

  • Opportunity to participate in, group activities such as group rides, fun runs and other sport related events, arranged by BC Blind Sports or Sport commissions.
  • Uniforms may be available depending on funding and level of activity.
  • Funding may be available for entry fees and travel depending on level of activity.

Supporting Member (Volunteers) and Athletes - Special Events

  • Run For Light
  • Moving to Inclusion Workshops
  • Other related workshops within the community of People with Disabilities
  • Fundraising Events
  • Trade Shows - (awareness)
  • Volunteer recognition

Training for any of the above events will be provided if necessary.
BC Blind Sports will do their best to ensure all volunteer expenses are covered. Any athlete or supporting member traveling to any sporting event sanctioned by BC BLIND SPORTS AND RECREATION ASSOCIATION will be expected to follow all policies set and abide by the Code of Conduct set by BC Blind Sports and Recreation Association.

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